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Jake Garza

With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself as the founder of Hama Pest Control by bringing quality, knowledge, and care to his suite of services. Hama Pest Control was created as a passion project after Jake’s tenure with one of Ontario’s largest pest control companies prepared him for striking out on his own. Hama proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area with its staff of licensed Pest Control Experts that are fully trained to take care of any pesky need.

After experiencing the tumultuous ups and downs of the industry, Jake knew that it was possible to improve the pest control standard as a whole. Ontario deserves attentive, specialized technicians in pest control, and he started Hama with a drive to pursue customer trust, confidence, and peace of mind. The business model at Hama goes above and beyond to take care of the needs of the customer, no matter what, per Jake’s personal track record and quality specifications.

A proud Ontarian, Jake and Hama Pest Control take great satisfaction in providing friendly, affordable pest control and extermination services, using all of the most modern ethical and intelligent technologies to remove your pesky pests and make sure they do not return. Jake has laid a strong foundation that Hama is reliable and transparent, a business that handles each customer’s pest issue with grace for both their privacy and all creatures involved. His number one personal goal is to provide all of Ontario with safe and cruelty-free pest management that is transparent and easy to understand for every customer.

Jake’s passion goes beyond his services and extends into the youth of Toronto, Ontario. Hama Pest Control runs a specialized internship-scholarship program to help the younger generation get into this booming, necessary industry. Jake works hard to ensure that any incoming pest control technicians learn the business the right way. All technicians that are a part of the internship program receive the same training process that retains Hama’s excellent stature among the members of the community.

Customers rave about Hama Pest Control, and Jake could not be more proud of the response throughout the Greater Toronto Area. His technicians take pleasure in their timeliness, availability, communication, and affordability. His hand-picked staff goes through the official Ontario Pesticide Training and Certification process, as well as a personally overseen insurance and customer experience training process that ensures the utmost respect and care for every customer.

Jake is proud of Hama Pest Control and everything they do to serve Ontario. If you are unhappy with your service or if your pests return, Hama will work hard to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. Every pest control experience with Hama is humane and pet friendly, using ecologically-safe technologies to keep you and your loved ones safe and relieved.

If you want to find out why his customers rave about him and Hama Pest Control, go ahead and give them a call today!


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