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A proud historical member of Durham, Ontario, the township of Brock has a long and storied history as a member of the Greater Toronto Area. The township of Brock is an older incorporation of Ontario County, a charming place with friendly residents and a gorgeous natural landscape of trails and rivers. Hama Pest Control is thrilled to serve Beaverton, Cannington, and the entire Brock community.

Nestled between the east shore of Lake Simcoe and the Trent-Severn Waterway, the Township of Brock is only an hour’s drive from Toronto, boasting a beautiful countryside and shoreline parks among its villages and hamlets. Brock is a community town, a tourist town, a place to enjoy for locals and visitors alike, whether you’re watching the Beaverton Town Hall Players or eating at Kelly’s Fish and Chips.

Brock’s Number One Choice In Pest Control

Mice and rats cause major problems for both local businesses and homeowners, and Hama Pest Control knows how frustrating that can be. With a mix of residents and tourists coming and going, there’s no telling what new pests might get attracted to the area. Hama has experience serving all of Ontario, and there is nothing we haven’t seen. We take all pest infestations very seriously, as we know the harm they can inflict on a variety of industries. Even the most minor pest control issue could bring your local business to a grinding halt, which is why Hama’s pest control experts make prevention our priority. Our plans, technicians, and years of knowledge make us your number one choice.

Hama Pest Control delights in providing friendly, affordable, and humane pest control and extermination services for all of Brock. We rely on modern and ethical technologies to efficiently remove your frustrating pests and ensure they don’t come back again. Hama is composed of proud Ontarians who all have experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We pride ourselves on serving Ontario and its municipalities with our signature efficiency and care, as we believe that anything that affects one member of our community affects us all.

With over fifteen years in the pest control business, Hama is a fully licensed and certified service. With our technical knowledge that includes conservation and is ecologically safe, you can be sure that our intimate experience with all the critters in our area lets us serve you with confidence and respect. Give us a call today and see why Brock prefers Hama Pest Control for all of its infestation prevention and extermination needs.

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What our Brock Customers Have to Say

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By far the best pest control service in all of Brock. My Hama technician was so friendly, smart, and super helpful!

— Kyle V.

When I had that cockroach infestation back in May, Hama Pest Control was there in a jiff. Can’t believe how fast they are.

— Sean P.

I’ve used several pest control services in the Brock. None of them are as good as Hama Pest Control.

— Paul P.

The best pest control service in all of Brock. I’m a landlord and Hama Pest Control has taken care of my properties for years.

— Joe H.

Our Brock property had a nasty mite infestation, and Hama took care of it quicker than I ever dreamed. Fantastic pros!

— Larry K.

Hama Pest Control was so prompt that it feels like the bugs were never there. They saved my property and were super kind.

— Hideo M.

It’s safe to say that Hama Pest Control is the only extermination company I’ll ever use. They’re so kind and so good at their job.

— Marc B.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in Ontario, period. I’ve used them for my home and my business, and they are perfect.

— Joe S.

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Since getting his exterminator license, Terry has been with us. Recently moving to Brock, he brings years of experience and happy customers to you with your extermination needs.



Carl has been with us for the last 4 years. His professionalism, communication and knowledge of pest control is unmatched. 

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