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Tucked into the northwestern end of Lake Ontario, Burlington is a charming city within the Regional Municipality of Halton. Burlington, along with Milton, forms the western end of the GTA that we all know and love. A city bountiful for its diversity, geography, and economy, Burlington is a delight for locals and tourists. Burlington’s coast, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Mount Nemo Conservation Area make it a delightful spot.

Just to the northeast of Hamilton and Niagara, Burlington is a mix of urban and residential, with a climate that can veer into the humid for summer and dry for the winter, inviting in all sorts of critters that can potentially bother local businesses and homes. Hosting one of Ontario’s largest elderly populations, we have a particular fondness for the community. Hama is happy to professionally serve all of Burlington for its pest control needs.

Hama Pest Control Is Burlington’s Pest Control Company

Pests cause substantial issues for homeowners and small businesses, especially during those warm and humid days when critters like to come inside. Hama Pest Control has experience serving all of Ontario, and we are intimately aware of the challenges that come with living in the beautiful cities of the GTA. Since even the smallest pest issues can cause major problems, know that Hama treats every call with professionalism, quality, and care. Every home and business with Burlington is our priority, and our services are efficient and discreet.

Hama Pest Control provides smart, affordable, and humane pest extermination services for all of Burlington and the surrounding area. We use only the most modern and ethical technologies available to efficiently rid you of pests, and we ensure they don’t return. Hama Pest Control is Ontario’s pest control, our local technicians trained throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have a business model that prides itself on transparency and swiftness, and we delight in serving Ontario and its municipalities with our signature efficiency and care.

With over fifteen years in the pest control and extermination business, Hama is a fully licensed and certified pest control service that is both reliable and affordable. Call us today!

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What our Burlington Customers Have to Say

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I own a busy restaurant in Burlington, and Hama Pest Control has taken care of it for years. They’re affordable and reliable.

— Karen L.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in the GTA. They’re affordable, reliable, and they really know their stuff.

— Shane P.

I’ve tried pest control companies in the Burlington area, and none of them are as good as Hama Pest Control.

— Misty P.

After our humid summer, we had a nasty infestation in the restaurant. Hama was able to clear it out and save my business!

— Rita G.

By far the best pest control service in all of Burlington. My Hama technician was so friendly, smart, and super helpful!

— Kyle V.

The best pest control service in all of Burlington. I’m a landlord and Hama Pest Control has taken care of my properties for years.

— Joe H.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in the GTA. They’re affordable, reliable, and they really know their stuff.

— Shane P.

My Raccoon problem was out of control. I had a newborn and didn’t want her to get hurt by a bite. Hama Pest Control solved my problem.

— Cindy N.

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Sandeep has been an amazing asset to our exterminator team in Burlington. His years of extermination experience has helped give customers the peace of mind they deserve.



After working in Vancouver for years as an exterminator, Troy moved to Burlington and joined our team. We couldn’t be happier to him in onboard. 

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