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The historic town of Clarington might be a fairly recent incorporation to the Municipality of Durham, but this township of Clarke and Darlington includes Bowmanville, making it the largest community in the entire municipality. Clarington is widely known for being the home to General Motors Canada, as well as the Thurne Park Conservation Area and Wilmot Orchards. Clarington’s beautiful natural areas make it a treat to explore for tourists and residents alike.

Clarington proudly boasts the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, an impressive facility just north of Bowmanville featuring a bevy of courses and training facilities. Formerly called Mosport, the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park was once the host of the Canadian Grand Prix, as well as the location of some of Canada’s former major music festivals. It’s a city of celebrated Canadian history and is beloved by all visitors throughout the GTA.

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Hama Pest Control is proud to serve the residents of Clarington for all their pest control needs. Like many towns in the municipality, Clarington can experience some extreme climate changes, which includes its humid summers. All sorts of critters enjoy these climate changes, and try to come indoors where they cause havoc. That’s when it’s important to call the professionals at Hama Pest Control so we can show those rodents and spiders the boot. We use safe, effective, and ecological technologies to ensure that each and every customer feels taken care of and respected.

With over fifteen years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, Hama Pest Control has intimate knowledge of the pests and problems that plague our beloved Ontario. Proud Ontarians ourselves, we come prepared with the same quality, transparency, and assurance no matter where you are. Clarington is a beautiful city, and if you find yourself dealing with pests in your home or small business, don’t forget to call us so our expert technicians can tackle your pest problem.

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I’ve used Hama on two separate occasions and both times they were comforting and helpful. Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they’re friendly and personable.

— Katie F.

I had a bad case of mice in my kitchen, and Hama Pest Control came right away. They were so quick and easy to deal with.

— Allan S.

I used Hama Pest Control because I have a toddler and didn’t want her to be bitten by bugs. They were fast and sent a nice exterminator.

— Tom Y.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in all of Clarington. They’re so efficient and so affordable. They’re the only exterminators I’ll ever use.

— Joanne P.

By far the best pest control service in all of Clarington. My Hama technician was so friendly, smart, and super helpful!

— Kyle V.

Completely affordable and super quick, Hama got in and got out and they were a treat to talk to the whole time.

— Andrew C.

Our Clarington property had a nasty mite infestation, and Hama took care of it quicker than I ever dreamed. Fantastic pros!

— Larry K.

I’ve lived in Brampton my whole life, so I know when I’m getting good service. Hama Pest Control is the best!

— Katie R.

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Albert has been a valuable member of our exterminator team in Clarington. His level of transparency and knowledge is unmatched.



Elijah has been with the Hama Pest Control Clarington team since the start. His expertise in extermination and of the area gives customers the peace of mind they want.

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