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One of the most beautiful parts of the Halton Municipality, Halton Hills is on the northwestern end of the GTA, and is well known for its striking natural vistas. Halton Hills is home to many natural features beloved by Ontarians, such as the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail. A protected space, Halton Hills’ natural landmarks are protected by the Grand River Conservation Authority and other conservation authorities in Ontario.

The community of Halton Hills is home to a variety of rural hamlets, such as Ashgrove, Crewsons Corners, Hornby, Silver Creek, and Wildwood. Settled in the early 1800s, Halton Hills has a historic and proud history that comes through in its friendly residents. Bisected by the gorgeous Niagara Escarpment, much of Halton Hills is on environmentally protected wetlands, which gives the entire area its rural beauty and agricultural identity.

Hama Pest Control Is The Number One Extermination Service Of Halton Hills

Hama Pest Control is proud to serve the residents of Halton Hills, whether it’s dealing with insect problems in the summer or rodent issues in the winter. We know about the many unique pest issues that come with living within the rural beauty of Ontario, and our licensed and insured technicians have intimate knowledge of all the local areas within the GTA. We pride ourselves on being members of Ontario, and that means treating your homes with the same attention and grace with which we would treat our own.

With over fifteen years of experience our technicians have seen it all, and we provide affordable and transparent services that put our customers’ worries at ease. We service restaurants, hotels, local businesses, churches, and more, and we have a passion to educate and eradicate. We use only the most ecological and humane extermination and prevention methods, and make sure that your pest problem is handled and doesn’t return. Give Hama Pest Control a call today!

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What our Halton Hills Customers Have to Say

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I’m a landlord with properties throughout Halton Hills, and Hama has serviced my homes in several areas. Efficient and kind!

— Darla H.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in Halton Hills. I used them for my home and my business and they were great.

— Katie P.

I’ve used several pest control services in Halton Hills. None of them are as good as Hama Pest Control.

— Paul P

When I got the ants back after my last pest control company did a job, I was worried. Called Hama and they didn’t disappoint.

— David G.

I’ve used Hama twice and both times they were comforting and helpful. Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they’re friendly and personable.

— Katie F.

It’s safe to say that Hama Pest Control is the only extermination company I’ll ever use. They’re so kind and so good at their job.

— Marc B.

Beyond impressive, my Hama exterminator knew their stuff and seemed like a friendly and charming local. They actually care.

— Phillip B.

Hama Pest Control offers the best extermination service in Halton Hills. Truly top of the line and friendly, you should give them a ring.

— Lance R.

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Omar has been an exterminator for the last 6 years and with Hama Pest Control Halton Hills for the past 3. He knows the ins and outs of pest control like no other.



After starting in head office at Hama Pest Control doing administrative work, Chad became an exterminator to work in Halton Hills where he lives.

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