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Milton has a celebrated history in Canada. After settling the areas now known as Martin Street, Mill Pond and Main Street, the early families of Milton knew they had found something special. Born from grist mills and farmlands, Milton has always been a booming town on the up-and-up, a thriving farming community and business mecca. What has blossomed from this small, hopeful population is a city that can be truly proud of its roots and legacy.

One of Canada’s many growing municipalities, Milton has a need for professional pest control that increases year by year. Hama Pest Control has served the Greater Toronto Area for years, with our mixture of quality services and celebrated customer service. Our team of licensed and insured technicians come equipped with a professional guarantee, utilizing the most top-of-the-line technologies and services that are ethical, humane, and affordable.

Milton’s Pest Control Experts

Milton is well known for its small businesses and excellent restaurants, and business owners know to call on Hama Pest Control for fast, effective service. You can’t afford to lose out on the damages caused by a swarm of pests, and we have a reputation for tact, respect, and efficiency. Our licensed and insured technicians are discreet and understanding.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there’s much to be proud of in and around Milton. The Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and Crawford Lake Conservation Area, Halton County Radial Railway, and of course the Niagara Escarpment are examples of the unification of man-made and natural beauty. If you live in Milton you want to make sure that this beauty lasts for years to come, and Hama Pest Control is proud to serve Milton and all of the GTA in establishing, restoring and maintaining this beauty. If you think you might have a pest infestation on your hands, call us up today for a rapid response and quote. Our fifteen years of experience will show you the difference!

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What our Milton Customers Have to Say

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I had the cockroach problem that wouldn’t end. Hama Pest Control was able to take care of it quickly and was very kind about it.

— Patrick S.

I’ve used a few exterminators in the past and none of them measure up to Hama Pest Control. Their service is fast, affordable, and efficient.
— Richard M.

I had a rat problem, but after Hama Pest Control took care of it, I haven’t seen one in over a year. They’re the best pest control service in Markham!

— Georgina P.

Hama Pest Control is the best extermination service in the Markham, period. They’re fast, efficient, and kind, and their technicians are the best.

— Jonathan H.

I’m a landlord with properties in Markham, and I’ve used Hama Pest Control for years. They’re efficient, kind, and affordable.

— Wendy A.

Hama Pest Control is the best of the best. They worked fast and efficiently and were kind and helpful the whole time. A+ service.

— John L

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in all of Ontario. I’ve used them for my home and my business, and they’re fast and affordable.
— John P.

Our home in Markham had a nasty mite infestation, and Hama took care of it quicker than I ever dreamed. Fantastic pros!

— Larry K.

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Joey has lived in Milton for years and an exterminator for even longer. That’s why we’re glad to have him on Hama Pest Control’s Milton Team



Pierce has been an exterminator in Milton for over 4 years and in the industry for over 9. His passion and dedication to customer satisfaction is second to none.

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