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Only an hour’s drive from Toronto, Georgina sits on the shores of Lake Simcoe, a gorgeous little town of verdant farmland, beautiful forests, pristine beaches, and a variety of parks and trails, including the celebrated Sibbald Point Provincial Park. Georgina is a lakeside dream, the ultimate respite of Canadian country living.

Like many gorgeous small Ontario towns that are nestled by nature, living among the trees means there are additional pests that might plague your property. Pesky nuisances such as pine seed bugs and cluster flies—not to mention spiders and mice and cockroaches and ants—frequent the area, which means that you need professional help to keep your home clean and safe and pest-free.

Georgina Prefers Hama Pest Control

Hama Pest Control offers all the relief you need from bothersome and frustrating pests. Our technicians are local, with pest control and extermination programs that account for Georgina’s unique area characteristics. When it comes to dealing with urban pest control problems, Hama Pest Control knows how to manage and eliminate them and prevent their return.

Our staff is composed of passionate, local Ontarians who love to service the Greater Toronto Area. We have the same pride for Georgina that you do, and use only the most modern technologies and programs to ensure that pest removal is humane, ethical, and affordable. Our licensed and insured technicians want your peace of mind, and we treat all customers and clients with courtesy and respect, stepping foot into every home and local business as if it were our own. We service both commercial and industrial, handling pest control in restaurants, hotels, and educational establishments.

With over fifteen years of experience, you can be sure that Hama is here for you. Hama Pest Control is Ontario’s Pest Control, and you will see that our love and passion for the GTA is the same love and passion that you and your family have. We aim to rid you of those pesky pests, so call us today!

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What our Mississauga Customers Have to Say

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After our humid summer, we had a nasty infestation in the home. Hama Pest Control was able to clear it out and easily. They are such a life saver!

— Rita G.

Truly the best pest control service in all the Mississauga. My Hama technician was knowledgeable, helpful, and discrete.
— Jeff J.

They were fast and affordable, and now my home is pest-free. The guys at Hama Pest Control are the BEST!
— Liam G.

Quick, kind, and efficient, Hama is the best extermination service in all of Mississauga. Don’t even bother with the rest.
— Joey R.

I was about to lose it with the moths at my home and just couldn’t take it anymore. Hama Pest Control made it painless and easy.

— Carla G.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in all of Mississauga

— Katie P.

When I had my bedbug problem, Hama Pest Control was amazing. They knew exactly what they were doing, and even had my bedbugs gone in a week.

— Cristian G.

Quick, kind, and efficient, Hama is the best extermination service in all of Mississauga. Don’t even bother with the rest.

— Joey R.

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We are a team of pest control experts living and serving the greater Toronto area. With over a decade of experience we understand what it takes to remove your pests once and for all to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Chole has been our exterminator in Mississauga for the past 5 years and has been with us since the start. His dedication and passion for the job is what gives customers the peace of mind they deserve.



Chester has been with the Hama Pest Control Mississauga team for the last 3 years. His honest, transparent and knowledgeable approach to clients is why he’s the most reviewed exterminator.

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