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Newmarket is a special town. It has a local feel and bustling variety and is truly one of the greatest cities in all of Ontario. For more than one hundred years the Newmarket Main Street has been the hub of the city, a vibrant haven of cultural and commercial activities. Newmarket is a place of Canadian heritage and pride. Hama Pest Control is proud to serve Newmarket and its thriving community, helping to keep you safe all year long.

Anyone who lives in Newmarket knows its vibrant beauty and vast countryside, a part of the GTA that is overflowing with natural greenery. As Newmarket changes and grows, its population changes and grows with it, and that includes the needs of the community. Newmarket has its own share of unique pest issues that affect residents, businesses, and every building therein. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you need to know that the threat of a pest infestation is something you don’t have to handle yourself. Dealing with cockroaches, ants, and hornets is a frustrating pain, and you need professional services.

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Hama Pest Control is the reliable, trustworthy service that Newmarket relies on to handle every infestation and pest issue. Whether you’re in the country or the city, our licensed and expert technicians have seen it all, and we are proud to serve the local community. As residents of the GTA, your home is our home, your business is our business, and any pest control problem that bothers you bothers us. Contact us and see that our fast, efficient, and reliable services are what you need.

With fifteen years of pest control experience serving the GTA, we are Ontario’s professional and preferred pest extermination service. We’re happy to talk with you, to get to know you, and to squash your pesky pests. All of our services are ecological, affordable, and humane, with pet-friendly options and efficient response times. Let us know what your issue is by giving us a call today!

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What our Newmarket Customers Have to Say

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Hama Pest Control was so professional. They took care of the problem and did so in a discreet manner.

— Julie N.

When I got the ants back after my last pest control company did a job, I was worried. I ended up calling Hama Pest Control and they didn’t disappoint.

— David G.

Beyond impressive, my Hama Pest Control exterminator knew their stuff and seemed like a friendly and charming local. They care.

— Phillip B.

They were fast and affordable, and now my property is pest-free. The guys at Hama Pest Control are the BEST!

— Liam G.

After racoons moved into my attic, I was worried about getting attacked. Hama Pest Control was kind, fast, and got rid of them.

— Lukas P.

I’m a landlord with properties in Newmarket, and I’ve used Hama Pest Control for years. They’re efficient, kind, and affordable.

— Wendy A.

Hama Pest Control is the best of the best. They worked fast and efficiently and were kind and helpful the whole time. A+ service.

— John L.

Quick, kind, and efficient, Hama is the best extermination service in all of Toronto. Don’t even bother with the rest.

— Joey R.

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We are a team of pest control experts living and serving the greater Toronto area. With over a decade of experience we understand what it takes to remove your pests once and for all to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

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Jakob has been a valuable member of our team since he became an exterminator. He has been part of the Newmarket team since 2013 and has many happy customers.



Jakob has been working in Newmarket for the past 5 years. His attention to detail and comprehensive pest control experience makes him a must-have on our Newmarket exterminator team.

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