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If you live in Richmond Hill, you know just how special it is. With a population that’s been on the rise since the late 90s, Richmond Hill is home to a variety of beloved spots for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re visiting the David Dunlap Observatory Telescope (the largest telescope in Canada), checking out the local farmer’s markets or jogging along the East Humber Trail, there is something in Richmond Hill for everyone.

Like many of the townships just north of Toronto, Richmond Hill is blossoming with parks, trails, and shops. Residents love the Hillcrest Mall, as well as the Emerald Isle Motel (where Robin Williams filmed Man of the Year in 2005). Richmond Hill is filled with character, and as such is no stranger to the varieties of pests that plague much of the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it’s residential pests or business infestations, Hama Pest Control knows how to professionally handle your pest concerns.

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Hama Pest Control knows the positives and negatives that come with this blend of rural and urban living, and Richmond Hill has its fair share of pests in residential, country, and commercial areas. If you’re facing flies, beetles, rats, mice, wasps, or cockroaches, our licensed and experienced team is ready to handle your immediate concerns. As members of the community and proud Ontarians, we bring the same efficiency, speed, and quality to every call and every city in the GTA. Richmond Hill is near and dear to us, and we want you to know that we understand how obnoxious, upsetting, and dangerous pest infestation can be. You shouldn’t have to worry about health concerns or close of business, and we are only a call away.

With over fifteen years of experience serving the communities of the Greater Toronto Area, our team has seen it all and is ready to help you take care of your pest infestation. We are professionally trained, and use only the most modern technologies and services for removal, extermination and prevention. At Hama Pest Control, we want you to know that we care, and our services are fast, efficient, affordable and safe. All of our pest management services come with the same quality guarantee, and we have programs and customized plans for every customer all year round.

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I had one of those stinky skunks living under my deck. Not anymore! Hama Pest Control has the best skunk removal service in all of Richmond Hill.

— Leslie H.

Called up Hama Pest Control for a quote, and they had someone come out within the hour. So fast and so friendly, I’ll have them back for sure.

— Melinda W.

I was moving into a new home and the previous tenants had left a rat problem. Hama Pest Control got rid of them for me!

— Alex M.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in the Richmond Hill area. I’ve used them twice and had nothing but positive experiences.

— Roland V.

Very professional and very friendly, Hama’s the best pest control company in Richmond Hill. You can’t go wrong with them.

— Maurice W.

I had a wasp nest in my shed at my cottage. Hama Pest Control got rid of it for me with no problems.

— Jaime L.

I’ve had Hama Pest Control at my home for years, and I’ve never had any issues.

— James P.

These guys are great! I had a mouse in my home, and Hama Pest Control got rid of him in no time.

— Sophie W.

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Yury has been living in Richmond Hill for the last 15 years and providing extermination services in it for the last 8. He is bar none one of our most experienced team members.



Since joining us in 2015, Tommy has been working in Richmond Hill from the start. He brings professionalism, knowledge and experience to the table.

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