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Wrapped around Lake Scugog, the city of Scugog is a proud member of south-central Ontario. A small town, Scugog’s residents can easily commute to Toronto and back for work. Scugog is just north of Oshawa, giving the residents plenty of opportunities to visit Lake Ontario and the surrounding towns and cities.

Scugog has a proud and local Canadian history, and its unique layout against Lake Scugog makes it an attractive locale for Ontarians who want to get away. Home of the Nonquon Provincial Wildlife area, Scugog is on protected land, its areas managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. With the Ocala Orchards Farm Winery and Oakridges Moraine trail in close proximity, as well as the Oshawa Zoo & Fun Farm and Treetop Eco-Adventure Park, there is plenty to do and see in Scugog, and its residents are friendly, neighborly, and blessed by a natural landscape.

Scugog’s Pest Control Experts

Like many of the towns throughout this part of Ontario that are filled with natural beauty and resources, Scugog is also home to plenty of pests. Hama Pest Control is proud to service the community of Scugog, providing professional and quality pest control and extermination services all year long. As members of the community ourselves and proud Ontarians, our licensed and insured technicians serve folks throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

With all the comings and goings from Scugog to Toronto, a variety of pests call Scugog home. If you’re facing troublesome and obnoxious infestations, whether it’s silverfish or ants or wasps or cockroaches, your friends at Hama Pest Control have you covered. Using our humane, ethical, and ecologically-safe services and technologies, Hama’s technicians serve the community of Scugog and beyond. With fifteen years of quality service under our belts, let us see to your pest issue with preventative care and expert extermination. Give us a call today!


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Hama Pest Control is the only pest control company to call. They are fast, friendly, and always do a great job.

— Molly W.

My Hama Pest Control exterminator was so great. She was fast, friendly, and effective. She’s the best!

— Sean S.

I’m not about to call anyone else for ants or mice. Hama Pest Control is the best pest control in the Scugog area, hands down.

— Brett H.

Hama Pest Control was so kind. I’ve never seen someone so friendly, and they did an amazing job.

— Erica W.

I recently moved and did not expect to see any critters in my new home, but lo and behold, I had mice. Hama Pest Control did a great job!

— Tiffany H.

I was so surprised at how quickly Hama Pest Control was able to get to my home to deal with the mice. They were fast, effective, and kind.

— Shawn T.

I’ve never seen such kind, professional pest control. Hama Pest Control is the best!

— Jack H.

I’ve never had such fast, professional pest control in my life. My Hama technician was so nice and did a great job.

— Timothy S.

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David has been with our company since the Summer of 2016. He is an invaluable member of our exterminator team in Scugog.



Juan has been with us for the last 2 years and has brought a new level of professionalism to the Scugog team. He brings years of experience and professionalism to the Scugog area.

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