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One of our favorite rural communities in south-central Ontario, Uxbridge is a city of natural beauty, a landscape of farmlands, parks, and rivers. The Township of Uxbridge is home to many small settlements, including Coppin’s Corners, Forsythe, and Roseville. Named after its sister city in England, Uxbridge means “Wixan’s Bridge,” and boasts a proud history of Quaker settlers in its quaint community.

Incorporated in 1850, Uxbridge is a city of history, with the community’s oldest building now over two hundred years old: the Uxbridge Friends Meeting House that overlooks the city from Quaker Hill. Its history includes the Toronto and Nipissing Railway, the first narrow-gauge railway in all of North America that carried passengers. Uxbridge is a township of variety, a suburban community of small businesses and local commuters. Uxbridge also has a long history in film, including the recent Schitt’s Creek, filmed on location in Goodwood!

Uxbridge’s Local And Professional Extermination Service

Like many of the suburban and rural townships throughout this part of the Greater Toronto Area, Uxbridge is no stranger to pest infestations and rodent problems. As proud Ontarians, Hama Pest Control is happy to serve the community, providing professional and swift pest control services. Hama Pest Control is invested in the well-being and beauty of the community, and Uxbridge’s location just north of Lake Ontario makes it a hot spot for seasonal pests and critters.

With over fifteen years of experience, the technicians and staff of Hama Pest Control are here to serve the community and take care of all your pest control and extermination needs. We provide fast, preventative services that exterminate your pests and keep them from coming back. All of our services utilize the most modern technologies and standards, and our programs are humane, ethical, and affordable. With a suite of insured and experienced staff, there is nothing that Hama has not seen throughout Ontario. We are local community members just like you, and any pest infestation that’s bothering your home or business feels as though it’s bothering ours. If you’re facing an issue, call us today!

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Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in the Uxbridge. The technician was kind and professional.

— Martin N.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in Toronto. They were fast, efficient, and very affordable!

— Steven S.

I called Hama Pest Control because I had a bat problem. They were the only ones who could help me. I cannot thank them enough.

— John W.

My home is now bug free thanks to Hama Pest Control. They’re the best exterminators in Uxbridge guaranteed. I’d recommend them to anyone.

— Angela M.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control service in the Uxbridge. They were fast, professional, and friendly.

— Frankie B.

I’m so happy to have found the best pest control service in Uxbridge. What a great job and what a great price!

— Luis C.

Hama Pest Control was so professional and kind and the best pest control  Uxbridge. They’re the best!

— John L.

The most affordable, kind, and fast pest control service in Uxbridge. They were in and out and the pests were gone.

— Sidney B.

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Alex is a new team member to the Hama Pest Control Uxbridge team. He graduated top of his class from a Humber College in graphic design before decided to dive into the world of pest control.



Jake is a new addition to the Hama Pest Control Uxbridge team. Prior to joining the team he was working in home services, his experience of the Uxbridge area will make sure that your pests never come back.

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