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One of the most beautiful towns in the Greater Toronto Area, Whitby is an eclectic balance of neighborly living and rural tranquility. It has a vibrant and natural landscape that faces Lake Ontario, with its own bit of shoreline. Home to the Heber Down Conservation Area and the Lynde Shores Conservation Area, Whitby is a prime example of the natural beauty that can be found throughout Ontario. Its extensive green spaces make it an enviable home and popular tourist destination, and residents have easy access to both shorefront and verdant landscapes.

Whitby is a place of beautiful lakes, flowing rivers, and open parks. Like many of the cities throughout the GTA, Whitby is no stranger to warm and humid summers and frigid winters.

Whitby’s Favourite Pest Extermination Service

With this much natural beauty comes a variety of troublesome pests. If you have mice in your walls or pests degrading your Whitby business, contact Hama Pest Control today and we will take care of that for you. There is frustration, anger, and embarrassment associated with pest issues, and we want you to know that your local friends at Hama understand and have the means to take care of the issue quickly and discreetly. Our team of fully licensed and insured staff have seen it all throughout the GTA, and are here to help you.

Hama Pest Control has over fifteen years of local experience, and as proud Ontarians ourselves we want you to know that your home is our home, your business is our business. When you are facing a frustrating pest issue, give us a call for a fast and efficient response. We use all of the most modern and ethical technologies that are humane, affordable, and pet-friendly. Our services are celebrated throughout the GTA, whether it’s getting rid of troublesome squirrels or exterminating bed bugs. The damage that pests can do is often surprising and severe, and we utilize preventative measures that prevent these critters from returning. Contact us at Hama Pest Control today, and we will make you our priority.

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What our Whitby Customers Have to Say

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Well, I had a really bad cockroach infestation in my home and my family was so scared. Hama Pest Control changed that and we couldn’t be happier.

— Liza L.

I called Hama Pest Control when I saw a mouse in my yard, and they were here in a flash. They’re the best pest control in all of Ontario.

— Derek N.

I’ve never had such a kind and caring exterminator. They were great and I’ll use them again, for sure.

— Linda C.

I’ve never had such an effective pest control service. Hama Pest Control was fast and efficient and they’re the best.

— Philip T.

I was so happy with Hama Pest Control. They were fast, efficient, and affordable. I can’t recommend them enough.

— Raymond C.

Hama Pest Control is the best exterminator service I’ve ever had. They were fast, friendly, and so affordable.

— Lily B.

Hama Pest Control is a lifesaver. The rats in my attic were driving me nuts, and they were here in a flash and took care of the problem.

— Julie T.

I had a termite problem in my backyard, and Hama Pest Control crushed it. Their exterminator was great and so was the service.

— Janet F.

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Brian is our youngest and most ambitious team member of on Hama Pest Control’s Whitby team. We’re eager to watch him grow into his role as an exterminator



Brett joined our Uxbridge exterminator team last summer and has been an invaluable member ever since. His knowledge of Whitby is like no other.

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