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If you own an RV, you’ll want to know how to keep mice and rodents out. There’s nothing worse than the sight, smell, or sound of mice in your RV, except maybe major water damage. Mice produce nearly 80 droppings a day, and their destruction can be massive. Read on to learn how to keep mice out of your RV.

How to Detect a Mouse Infestation in an RV

There are a number of signs of mouse infestation in an RV. Mice can damage other vehicles too. Here are a few ways to detect them:

  1. Scratching Sounds

Mice love to sneak in through openings, cracks, cavities, and entrances in your walls, floors, and ceilings. They’re typically quiet, but if you hear scratching sounds behind the walls or in your ceiling, you may have a mice infestation. They might be building a nest.

  1. Droppings

If you notice mice droppings you might be facing an infestation. Look out for feces in cupboards, on window sills, or anywhere near your kitchen.

  1. Urine Stains

If you see or smell urine, mice might be in your RV. 

  1. Bad Smells

Urine has a strong smell, and mice feces also smell bad. If you notice a lingering acrid odor in your RV, you might be facing an infestation.

  1. Prints

If you notice prints, especially in undisturbed or settled dust, you could have a mice infestation in your RV.

  1. Damage

Be on the lookout for any damage to your food or furnishings. See if you notice any crumbs or little nibbles on the corners of boxes or containers.

  1. Allergies

If you noticed increased allergies in you or your pets, mice could be the cause. Mice urine, droppings, and hair are high allergens.

  1. Dead Mice

The surest sign of a mice infestation in your RV will be due to actually seeing mice, especially dead mice in tight spaces.

How to Keep Mice Out of an RV

Use Mouse Repellent Bags

Apply mouse repellent bags to any location in your RV where a mouse might enter. Fill pouches or sachets with natural mice repellents, such as essential oils, to keep them at bay.  Mice infestations create a risk of hantavirus in RV food, and should be dealt with quickly.

Place Lights Under RV

While the actual effectiveness is somewhat mixed, there’s no harm in attempting to deter mice via LED lights. Placing flickering or flashing lights under your RV at night may keep mice and other pests away, and will also possibly deter thieves or other curious entities.

Use Mouse Deterrent for RVs

There are a few RV mouse deterrents on the market, such as soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil, covering entrances with mesh, hanging dryer sheets, using cab repellent, or setting traps. If you use odor deterrents and repellents remember you will have to frequently replace them to ensure their success.

Get an RV Cover

An entirely defensive approach is to simply invest in an RV cover. If you want to keep rodents out during the winter months, it’s a good idea to buy a good quality RV cover and keep your RV properly enshrined throughout the season. It’s not enough to keep doors and windows closed—mice are good at sneaking in through very tight spaces, and a durable cover gives you peace of mind via layers of added insulation.

How to Keep Mice Out of RV During Winter Storage

If you store your RV during the winter, you might be interested in some tips that can keep mice and other rodents at bay. Here are a few ways to keep mice out of your RV during the storage season:

  • Seal any gaps or holes.
  • Remove all food during storage.
  • Clean your RV out completely.
  • Park on a solid surface, such as concrete.
  • Place moth balls, dryer sheets, and essential oil sachets in your RV.
  • Place mouse traps in your RV.

Call The Professionals

While you can only do so much to keep mice out of your RV during any particular season, they might still find their way in. If you’re facing a potential infestation, don’t hesitate—call the professionals at Hama Pest Control and have them take care of the little furry menace. With decades of experience dealing with mice and other pests, Hama is the friendly and knowledgeable choice for expert and humane removal time and time again.

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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