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While a single mouse might be cute, an infestation is anything but. If you have mice invading your home, one of the first things you might have noticed is the obnoxious sound of them scratching, biting, and scurrying through your walls. The sound of mice in your walls is only one aspect of annoyance via these pets—they can cause serious damage inside of your home.

What Sounds Do Mice Make Inside of Walls?

There are many sounds mice might make behind your walls, including scratching sounds, scurrying, thuds, scampering, chitter, gnawing, squeaking, and falling. These sounds might be loud or soft, and can be accompanied by the additional sounds of mice damaging your property.

6 Sounds That Mice Make Inside of Walls

Squeaking & Chirping

Mice squeak and chirp to communicate—if you hear squeaking or chirping, the mice infesting your home might be saying things to one another, which is not good. Mouse roommates can be troublesome to deal with, and you don’t want more mice coming along. Mice might be telling each other to find more bedding, looking for more food, or to bring more mice into your home. If you hear lots of squeaking and chirping there could be several mice behind your walls.

Scratching Noises

If mice are in your home, you may be hearing sounds of their rampant destruction. Mice will scratch to try and burrow and nest, and the scraping and scratching noises you’re hearing could be affecting various materials throughout your home. Mice ruin many surfaces with their errant scratching, but this is also one of the key ways to locate where the mice might be coming from.

Footsteps (Pitter-Patter)

Mice are tiny, and make little pitter-patter sounds with their feet as they scamper around. They don’t weigh very much, and the pitter-patter sound might be the only thing you can hear when the mice are moving. Since mice need to run about to find nesting areas, you may hear their noises as they move throughout the house. Try and follow this pitter-patter sound to find where the mice are coming from.

Gnawing & Chewing

Mice gnaw and chew not just to eat, but to grab nesting materials and build nests for their homes. This gnawing and chewing sound could also be them damaging the wood in your home, and can be super loud—just as loud or louder than their scratching sounds. While it can be frustrating to hear mice chewing through your home, it can help you locate them faster if you listen closely.

Dragging Materials

Mice really dislike the cold, and may drag materials across great distances in order to build their nests. Understanding their behavior is often key to trapping them and finding them, and listening for them to drag materials is one way to find them. When you hear them drag materials around you might also be able to figure out where they are coming from.

Plopping Sounds

Mice make “plopping” noises when they fall or jump. This can give you an idea about where they are in your walls and if they’ve found an empty place to nest. If you’ve heard them scampering about, listen for them falling and climbing so that you know where in the wall they’ve decided to build their little homes.

What Does It Sound Like If You Have Mice In Your House?


Mice can be anywhere in your home, and if you hear scratching, scampering, or jumping sounds in your ceilings then they may have found a way to move through rooms or get in-between your floorboards. You might hear scratching sounds, chewing sounds, or other signs of mice burrowing through these spaces.


We’ve described the sound of mice in your walls elsewhere in this article, but listening closely is key to finding the mice and how they are entering your home. Listen for all the tell-tale signs—squeaking, gnawing, footsteps, scratching, etc—to determine where the mice might be. You might only hear these sounds late at night when your home is quiet.


The sound of mice in your vents is distinct from hearing them in your ceilings and walls—if you hear mice scrambling around in your vents, you will hear the metallic noises of their little claws scratching metal. Sometimes mice might come into contact with wiring, which can be a problem for several reasons. If you have mice in your vents it might be even easier to locate them because they will be much noisier.

What To Do If You Hear Mice In Your Walls?

You may be wondering how to get rid of mice in the walls. There are many things you can do if you hear mice in your walls. You can set traps and baits, seal gaps, mouse proof your yard and the exterior of your home, and call an exterminator. When you hear mice in your walls it’s a good idea to act as quickly as possible in order to prevent them from causing any further damage.

Pest Control Experts

In the end, it’s best to contact the pest control experts and have your mice infestation dealt with professionally. Mice are troublesome pests and even with proper baits and traps they can get out of control quickly. This is why you need to contact Hama Pest Control, the pest control experts. With decades of experience throughout Toronto and beyond, Hama has seen everything that mice can do. Hama knows how to deal with mice carefully, discreetly, and humanely, and they work with you to protect your home and keep the mice from coming back. They can also get rid of the dead mice smell that’s frustrating and unpleasant!

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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