Why Do Mice Come Into the House in the Summer

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Mice are looking for a place to hide from the summer heat, and your home has food, shelter, and cooler temperatures than the outside elements. They’ll find a way in, and if you make it easier for them with a lack of proper deterrents, you may be faced with a serious infestation. If you find yourself asking, why do mice come into the house in the summer, we are here to help. 

Why Would Mice Come Inside During the Summer?

For a reprieve from the scorching heat, mice are more likely to invade your home during the summer. They’ll be searching for food and water, and after a cold winter, your home may have developed cracks and openings, making it easier for mice to enter and harder to know when mice are gone.

How Do Mice Get Inside During the Summer?

Mice can squeeze into spaces just a quarter of an inch in width, so it doesn’t take much for them to gain access and invade your space. There will always be room in your attic for these critters, and they’ll find it.

If your home has a crawl space underneath, they will make their home there as well. Your refrigerator is also a great place for them to hide away from the heat of the summer. Without a hole to use as a path, they’ll chew through your drywall, the wood, or even insulation to tunnel their way into your home.

Start looking for signs of a mouse infestation. You’ll know if you have a problem with mice if you hear scratching noises, chewing noises, or you find mouse droppings and urine inside your home. You may see their footprints on your floors, and you will notice food packages have been torn into with little claws and teeth. 

Why Are Mice a Problem During Summer?

During the hot summer months, you and your family should be on the lookout for mice and any evidence of their presence. Not only are they capable of damaging the home you have worked so hard to maintain, but they are known carriers of diseases.

The deer mouse is the biggest culprit, as it can carry the hantavirus, for example. Other such diseases include Murine Typhus, Rat-bite Fever, and salmonella. They could also bring with them food poisoning of the bacterial kind. You’re best to keep them away.

They’ll  seek any means possible to enter your domain, including chewing through wires. Doing so becomes a fire hazard. With the heat of the summer, this is an even greater concern for you and your loved ones. Your pets could also be at risk.

In Hot Weather, Do Mice Leave the House During the Day or Only at Night?

Mice will generally hide away while there is human activity during the day. Once you’ve gone to sleep, they’ll be the only creatures stirring, as they are nocturnal. They will leave their hiding places at night looking for food, however, if they are spotted during the day, this is usually an indication of a larger infestation in your home.

You will know if all of the mice have left your home if you stop finding their droppings, you can no longer hear them scratching around, or there is no new evidence of their chewing. If you find these things are still active, your problem is not over yet.

How Can You Keep Mice Out This Summer?

To keep mice out of your house, ensure your garbage is secured to avoid attracting these furry creatures. You’ll also want to cut back your trees and shrubs close to your house so they can’t sneak their way in with a covered entry.

Organic debris should also be kept from piling up, along with any unused or chopped wood. If you also tend to have a habit of leaving your cat or dog’s food out between their meals, you may want to curb that. Pet food left unattended will certainly attract mice.  

6 Tips To Prevent Mice From Entering Your House in Summer

  • Eliminate Access to Food

Make sure you keep all food secure and unable to be sensed by mice. If they can smell your food, or your pet’s, they will be more inclined to find a way to get to it, so do what you can to stop that from attracting them.

  • Seal Your Trash

Keep your garbage properly covered and eliminated from your home and its surrounding area whenever possible. Don’t leave trash cans open and easily accessible to rodents.

  • Don’t Leave Your Pet Food Out

Just like human food, pet food has a scent that will attract mice. Make sure pet food is tucked away in a container inside your cabinet whenever possible. Avoid leaving it out for rodents to sniff.

  • Repel Rodents With Unpleasant Odors

Some scents can repel mice. For mice, peppermint oil is a strong repellent. When used near entry points, this method is a humane way to send these creatures on their way. Mothballs, ammonia, and vinegar have a similar effect due to their pungent odor for sensitive noses.

  • Find the Mouse Entry Point

You will be able to detect where mice are entering your home if you can find where they have been burrowing or chewing their way in. Look for the source of the problem and you will know where to focus your efforts to protect your home.

  • Seal the Entry Points

You can protect your home by ensuring all doors and windows have proper weather stripping. Patch any foundation cracks that may be providing access to mice. Steel wool should be used around pipes before caulking for an added layer of protection from gnawing teeth. Additionally, cover vents with metal mesh for added protection.

When Should You Call a Mouse Exterminator?

If you’re no longer asking, why do mice come into the house in the Summer, but you’re still not sure how to get rid of them, call Hama Pest Control. When you feel like you have tried everything, and you are out of options, but the mice continue to set up residence in your home, our professionals can help. With many years of experience and the knowledge to humanely help you rid your home of rodents, we are just a call away! 

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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