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Ant Pest Control

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Ant Pest Control

One of the most common types of invasive pests, ants have begun to infest more and more homes over the recent years. While there are any number of available products that deal with ants, they’ve become increasingly difficult to control and manage. Taking care of an ant infestation requires training, skill, and knowledge of ant behaviours. They are a frustrating pest that can make your kitchens and restrooms feel unclean and unsafe.

Ant Varieties

There are several hundred species of ants throughout Canada, and properly identifying these tiny critters can be a frustrating challenge. You want to spot ant trails, which are the paths they travel along as they move between food source and colony. Their trails are typically well-established, such as near your kitchen or dining room. After you’ve found the trail, check out the size of the ants. Are they different sizes? Are they moving diurnally or nocturnally? Do you think the nest is inside or outside your house?

Ant infestations can happen very quickly and take you by surprise. Whether you have just a few ants or a full-blown ant problem, the scenario can be frustrating. Ants can be tough to kill on your own, and they can come back even if you think you’ve conquered the problem with traps and sprays. Ants are social and travel in huge numbers, with their colonies made up of different individuals and types. They can leave pheromone trails for other ants to follow, and their queens lay hundreds of eggs a day.

Ant Life

The life cycle of the average ant varies widely. While males only live for a few weeks, workers can live for months and continue to frustrate you. Queens can live for much longer. Ants exist all year round, regardless of climate. They try to survive during the winter by going into dormancy, but they may try and find their way into your home during the fall months.

Certified Ant Extermination

Hama Pest Control knows how frustrating and unsanitary it can be to deal with ants in the home, especially if they’ve invaded your living spaces such as the kitchen. To properly get rid of ants, it’s important to identify the species and get to the root of the problem. Some ants can be controlled with sprays and baits, but typically the colony has to be discovered and treated directly.

Hama Pest Control has years of experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and we’ve seen every kind of ant infestation. Call us today to get your pesky ant problem taken care of with grace, friendliness, and quality. We proudly serve Ontario and its many municipalities, utilizing ecologically-safe and pet-friendly technologies to squash your pests and keep them from coming back.

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After my move, I was worried about ants and wasps in the summer. Hama cleared them out and they’ve never returned!

— Andrea R.

When I got the ants back after my last pest control company did a job, I was worried. I ended up calling Hama Pest Control and they didn’t disappoint.

— David G.

I’m not about to call anyone else for ants. Hama is the best pest control in the GTA, hands down.

— Brett H.

Hama pest control is the best. I was having a problem with ants in my house, but they sent someone who solved the problem. I’m very happy with the results.

— Anna N.

Good work. Thanks you guys. Thanks for taking care of the carpenter ants around my property.

— Gabriel R.

They’re the best. I’m telling you, Hama is the best. They’re very courteous and they’re just good people.

— Harrison S.

The people from Hama came out and took care of the issue in a very professional and efficient manner. I would like to say, thank you very much.

— Howard M

I was having an ant problem in my house, but Hama pest control sent someone out who solved my problem in a flash. I’m very happy with the results and I’d highly recommend their services.

— Frank M.

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