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Bed Bug Pest Control

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Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are unsightly critters that feed on the blood of both people and animals. They are attracted to our exhalations—our carbon dioxide emissions—and thus gravitate to our sleeping areas at night where they then feed. Bed bugs are quite small, and it’s easy for them to hide within mattresses, box springs, clothing drawers, etc. They have longer life spans than most people might expect, with many bed bugs living for up to a year in good conditions. They enjoy warm climates and temperatures, and their females lay hundreds of eggs.

The common bed bug is oval-shaped and only a few millimeters long. They are deep brown insects that change colour after feeding. Young bed bugs are smaller and lighter coloured, but also change colour after feeding. Bed bugs cannot move quickly and they don’t have wings. They have a hard time climbing on smooth surfaces, such as metal bed frames or polished countertops. Bed bug eggs are white, small, and very difficult to see.

The Bed Bug Problem

Since bed bugs feed on exposed limbs, they will often bite you when you don’t expect it. While sleeping, they will bite your face, neck, arms, and legs. Their bites create red welts and lesions, which are typically quite itchy. Bed bug bites can be numerous, and it’s frustrating to wake up with these red welts on your arms or legs. Many people have no reaction to bed bug bites, but those who do can develop red welts filled with blood or fluid. The reaction is allergic and temporary, and although it’s harmless (aside from the itching) bed bugs are not desirable. Bed bug bites can possibly develop an infection if you scratch them too much.

Professional Bed Bug Extermination

Hama Pest Control knows how frustrating and unsightly it can be to have to deal with bed bugs. While bed bugs will sometimes go away on their own, there are cases when you will need professional help. There are instances where home remedies and sprays cannot get rid of a continuous problem, and that’s where our experienced technicians come in. Our environmentally safe and pet friendly technology and methods will completely remove your personal stress from the situation.

With fifteen years of service in the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve seen it all. Hama Pest Control technicians can offer a suite of treatments to rid you of bed bugs, from combination treatments to conventional applications. Our treatments are discreet, targeted, and affordable, and when you utilize us you will notice the difference. Give us a call today and see why we are Ontario’s preferred professional pest control service. Our technicians are friendly and happy to make your home comfortable again.

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Bed Bug Extermination Service Reviews

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I was extremely worried about having bed bugs, but Hama Pest Control was able to get rid of them for me. I feel safe again in my own home.

— Jessica T.

The bed bugs were absolutely everywhere in my home. Hama Pest Control was able to find them in every nook and cranny and they got rid of them for good. I’m very happy with my choice to hire them.

— Mark D.

The bed bugs were absolutely everywhere in my home. Hama Pest Control was able to find them in every nook and cranny and they got rid of them for good. I’m very happy with my choice to hire them.

— Mark D.

I was worried my whole place would be infested with bed bugs, but Hama Pest Control was able to find them and get rid of them. I can’t thank them enough.

— Robert S.

I am so grateful to Hama Pest Control for being able to get rid of my bed bug problem. It’s an issue I never thought I’d have to deal with, but they were able to help me out. I’m so happy.

— Laurence B

I heard that bed bugs are very hard to get rid of, but Hama pest control was able to identify them in my house and kill them. I’m very happy with them.

— Evan M.

My bed bugs have been an absolute nightmare to my family, but Hama Pest Control was able to find the bed bugs and kill them. I can’t explain how thankful I am for their amazing work

— Robert R

I was afraid of having bed bugs because I had heard they were hard to get rid of. Hama pest control came to my house and performed a thorough inspection. They found the bed bugs and got rid of them. I’m very happy.

— Meredith T.

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