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Beetle Pest Control

The world is filled with beetles. There are hundreds of thousands of beetles across the globe, and they all vary in size, shape, colour, feeding patterns, and destructiveness. Beetles commonly make plants their home, with many beetles preferring to live near water. Many beetles live underground and burrow to create their nests. Beetles will attempt to enter homes via doors, windows, and other small openings.

Beetles will unfortunately infest your home, business, or any other building you occupy, but fortunately they are typically nothing more than a nuisance. Beetles that are destructive can damage your home and belongings, and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Carpet beetles for example feed on fabric and fur, and these infestations can be unknown to homeowners until it’s too late. If left alone in unnoticed areas of a home or business, they can cause substantial damage to bedding and furniture.

Dealing With Beetles

There are a couple of different kinds of beetle infestations, and you will need to understand the beetle you’re dealing with to properly treat it. Beetle control typically has to do with treating the building that is infested, including walls and door frames. You can prevent beetle infestation by sealing any gaps in your home, especially around the home’s exterior. Noticeable points of entry for beetles are eaves, roofing, doors, and windows.

Beetles can be a structural and environmental disaster, and it’s important to locate, analyze, and deal with infestations as soon as possible. Beetles can cause expensive damage for homes and small businesses, and are a troublesome nuisance in certain parts of Ontario. There are also plenty of beetles that can swarm areas, both inside and outside. Beetles spread over time and can be difficult to manage if left alone for long periods. They are a particular nuisance during the fall and spring.

Professional Beetle Extermination

Dealing with any beetle infestation alone can be frustrating and costly. You need professional pest control services that can take care of the problem for you. Hama Pest Control has experience all throughout the Greater Toronto Area with a variety of pests including beetles, and our knowledgeable technicians are trained in targeted removal and extermination. As local Ontarians, we know how to service our great region.

With years of experience, Hama Pest Control is Ontario’s preferred pest control service. We use only the most modern technologies and methods, all of which are ecologically safe and pet friendly. Our services are discreet, affordable, and effective. If you’re facing an unfortunate and unsightly beetle infestation, don’t wait. Give us a call today!

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I was close to losing it with the beetle infestation and just couldn’t take it anymore. Hama Pest Control made it painless and easy.

— Carla G.

Hama Pest Control has the best beetle removal service in the GTA. They were able to rid my backyard of beetles and they even let me know how to prevent them from coming back.

— Danielle L.

The beetles were absolutely destroying my garden. Hama Pest Control gave me a great deal, and got rid of them in no time at all. I love their company, and recommend them to everyone.

— Daniel U.

I had a nasty case of beetles at my cottage. Hama Pest Control came in, took care of it, and got rid of them. I have never seen an exterminator so efficient in my life. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of pest control.

— Nikki S.

I had a big rat problem in my shed, and I couldn’t fix it myself. Hama Pest Control came in, and didn’t charge an arm and a leg for it. I am so grateful to them. They know what they are doing.

— Martin M.

My yard was taken over with beetles. Hama Pest Control was able to send someone over right away to help me. I was so happy that I didn’t have to go through the process of getting rid of them on my own.

— Steve O.

The beetles in my backyard were so bad that I couldn’t even use the patio. Hama Pest Control was able to get rid of them and they even gave me tips to prevent them from coming back.

— Charlene M.

I had a bad case of beetles, and Hama Pest Control came right away. They were so quick and easy to deal with.

— Allen S.

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