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Centipede Pest Control

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Centipede Pest Control

Centipedes are quick, predatory insects known as “anthropoids.” They are a common insect that live in moist climates, preferring to nest in leaf piles, grass, bark, bushes, etc. Centipedes typically live outside and do their egg-laying in wet soil in the lesser seasons, like spring and fall. Since centipedes are predatory, they eat other insects such as flies, cockroaches, and lice. Centipedes, when in their natural environment, are very beneficial. Similar to spiders they control the population of other insects.

Canada is home to nearly seventy varieties of centipedes, but there is one specific type of centipede that likes to live in Ontario basements. The house centipede enjoys the damp, warm, abandoned spaces of basements and storage spaces. They’re one of the most common types of centipede in all of North America. These centipedes enjoy the dark, and they are a rather quick insect that can be hard to spot.

Dealing With Centipedes

Centipedes are fairly easy to recognize and differentiate from other insects. They have long, flattened bodies segmented by only body and head. They have a pair of fangs, which they can use to inject venom. Your average house centipede has fifteen pairs of legs, with yellowish or grey bodies. House centipedes can live for up to six years, and are quite comfortable staying in their chosen spots. While centipedes don’t actually pose any harm to people, they are unsightly and unwanted, especially in the home. They can carry diseases that will harm plants and pets. While they are venomous, their venom doesn’t actually poison humans, and the average house centipede found in a Canadian home isn’t big enough to bite. They are a nuisance as a pest, especially if they have infested your basement, storage space or crawl space. Centipedes are susceptible to a lack of moisture, and typically will invade Ontarian homes during the fall and stay for the winter.

Professional Centipede Removal

While centipedes aren’t dangerous, they can be an unsightly nuisance. If you are dealing with a centipede infestation in your home or basement, let the professionals help. Hama Pest Control has years of experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and our expert technicians offer targeted and knowledgeable services.

We are well versed in the many pests that can invade homes in the fall and winter months throughout Ontario, and as locals ourselves we know how frustrating it can be to deal with centipedes. Our technicians utilize the most ethical technologies and methods that are ecologically friendly and pet safe, and our services are discreet and affordable. Give us a call today and see why we are the more preferred pest control service in all of the GTA!

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Hama Pest Control came in and took care of all of the centipedes in my home in less than a day. I recommend them to anyone.

— Bob L.

I’m glad that I found Hama Pest Control. They are the absolute experts when it came to dealing with my centipede infestation

— Carla B.

Thank you, Hama Pest Control! I was so worried about the centipedes in my home, but you guys took care of them quickly.

— Linda H.

I had seen centipedes all over my house, and it was really embarrassing. Hama Pest Control was able to send someone out the same day, and they took care of the problem.

— Valerie N.

I was having problems with centipedes in my backyard, and I was told to call Hama Pest Control. They came quickly and took care of the problem.

— Peter H.

I was very happy with Hama Pest Control. They got rid of the centipedes that had been living in my shed, and they did it fast. I was glad that I called them.

— Angela M

I was having a centipede problem in my home, and I called Hama Pest Control. They sent someone out immediately, and they got rid of them. I am so happy that I called them.

— Tina A.

We had a centipede problem at work, and we called Hama Pest Control. They sent someone out the same day, and they got rid of the centipede. I was very impressed.

— Barry L.

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