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Cockroach Pest Control

If you are facing a cockroach issue, don’t panic. While cockroaches are unsanitary and unwanted, they can be found anywhere. Cockroaches have been found in homes and businesses of all kinds. They follow water, sewer, and electrical lines through the walls of buildings and can travel between apartments. Cockroaches look for easy access to food, water, and shelter. Typically if you have a cockroach infestation you will hear them at night, when their movements are most active.

Cockroaches, essentially, are vagrant hitchhikers. Most cockroaches enter buildings by hitching rides on clothing, furniture, or packages. Many species of cockroach will invade from the outside via drains or other holes. Cockroaches prefer wood to any other surface, which is why traditionally you’ll find them in cabinets, near boxes, or behind walls. One of the most frustrating aspects of cockroaches is that their fecal matter will attract other cockroaches and tell them where to gather. We call these “aggregation points” and they are typically what we seek out when dealing with an infestation.

Dealing With Cockroach Infestation

When treating a space for cockroaches, special steps have to be taken. Dishes, food items, and other baubles must be taken down from shelves before treating. Cockroaches don’t like well-sanitized areas, and cleaning puts stress on their population and makes them more vulnerable to baits and extermination. In preparation for your Hama Pest Control technician, it’s a good idea to give your home a thorough cleaning.

The pros at Hama Pest Control treat all obvious hiding places, including electronic equipment, cupboards, and spaces between walls. Sometimes vacuuming is the way to go when dealing with these annoying pests, and there are different applicable techniques and technologies that can be used to get rid of them. Our technicians utilize crevice and void treatments along with baits in our comprehensive pest removal.

Exterminating Your Cockroach Problem

German cockroaches are common around Ontario, and can live for more than half a year. Since their females can lay a large clutch of eggs, it’s important to get rid of cockroaches as soon as possible. Hama Pest Control has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for fifteen years, and our technicians are expertly trained on cockroach removal and control.

After storing food and thoroughly vacuuming any cockroach-heavy areas, your Hama technician will get to work utilizing our ecologically friendly and pet safe technologies to totally control the infestation. Cockroaches don’t bite, but they can contaminate their surroundings and make your lived-in areas unsafe. Cockroaches spread disease, and our technicians know how to handle your infestation with grace, care, and tact. Give us a call today and we will promptly and thoroughly take care of your cockroach issue.

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When I had that cockroach infestation back in May, Hama Pest Control was there in a jiff. Can’t believe how fast they are.

— Sean P.

I had a cockroach problem that wouldn’t end. Hama Pest Control was able to take care of it quickly and was very kind about it.

— Patrick S.

Thanks to Hama Pest Control, I was able to sell my house quickly. It was full of cockroaches and they eradicated them with such efficiency. I would happily recommend them to anyone.

— Natalie B.

I had a chronic cockroach problem. Hama Pest Control was able to sort it out quickly, and they were very reasonably priced.

— Patrick S.

The cockroachea were out to get me, but Hama Pest Control was out to get them. They were able to get rid of the infestation in no time, and it cost me a lot less than I had expected.

— Michael S.

I had a cockroach problem that couldn’t be solved. Hama Pest Control was able to take care of it quickly and painlessly.

— Molly O.

Hama Pest Control was able to quickly solve my cockroach problem. I was extremely impressed with their work.

— Carl B.

I wasn’t sure my house would sell, because of my long-running cockroach problem. Hama Pest Control was awesome and was able to solve the problem for me.

— Jane L.

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