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Fly Pest Control

Flies are no one’s friend. They are a frustrating, bothersome nuisance both inside and outside your home. Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of species of flies. Flies are grouped into specific families, and run the gamut of physicality and look. Common flies around Ontario are cluster flies, deer flies, horse flies and house flies. Flies share common patterns among family and genus, such as feeding from blood, seeking out excrement, and breeding constantly.

Many types of flies feed on blood to live, and seek out animals to feast on. Mosquitos are actually a type of fly, and we all know how much of a pain they are in certain seasons. Flies like to be active during the warm seasons, and when there is no warmth the flies will attempt to move inside. Cluster flies seek out attics and crawl spaces, and they attempt to lay their eggs in compostable material.

Flies Are Unsanitary, And Spread Disease

Flies are commonly known as a filthy creature. They are unsanitary, and spread diseases wherever they go. What are known as “filth flies” are house flies and blow flies, which lay their eggs in garbage and feces. Filth flies seek out carcasses, and the females will seek out corpses to breed on. These filth flies all spread transmittable diseases, and cause millions of deaths across the globe annually. Filth flies can transfer all kinds of diseases to humans, such as salmonella, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and tuberculosis.

Fruit flies, which are fairly common indoors, seek out sugary foods such as open fruit or sweets. They will seek out these foodstuffs for both feeding and breeding, and if you eat food that is infested by fruit flies you can have intestinal distress. While fruit flies are very common and can be dealt with using major household remedies, any fly infestation can rapidly get out of control.

Professional Fly Extermination

When you are facing a fly infestation, you will feel overwhelmed, disgusted, and tired. You need professional help to handle fly extermination, and the expert technicians at Hama Pest Control have seen every kind of fly throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We utilize proficient training to exterminate flies, whether they’re an infestation of common house flies or something more troublesome.

With fifteen years of experience, Hama Pest Control prides itself on knowing the climate and needs of Ontario. As local Ontarians ourselves, we have seen every kind of pest that can blight our beloved region. We use the most up-to-date technologies and methods that are ecologically friendly and pet safe. Most importantly, our methods are discreet and tactful, and you will notice the difference in our quality service. Give us a call today and let the professionals at Hama Pest Control conquer your fly problem.

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Hama Pest Control was great to work with. I called them to take care of a very serious fly infestation problem, and they handled it. I’m very happy with their service.

— H. Jones

Hama Pest Control has great customer service. They were fast, friendly, and professional. They handled my fly problem quickly and efficiently.

— P. Anderson

Hama Pest Control was very professional. They were quick to respond, and they did a great job exterminating all of the flies in my house. I’m happy I hired them, and I would recommend them to anyone.

— S. White

Hama Pest Control is the best company for pest control services in the GTA.

— Evelyn U.

I’ll never need another pest control company again for my flies. My Hama Pest Control technician explained everything to me and now I know I need them. I love these guys!

— Carmen M.

Hama Pest Control is the best pest control company I’ve ever used. They had the best prices and were actually able to get rid of my spider problem

— Linda C.

I’ve never seen such a nice and professional exterminator. I was so impressed with Hama that I called them again when I had another problem

— Joanne F.

I love Hama Pest Control. They solved my fly problem, and they were so nice and professional about it. I’m a customer for life!

— John V.

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