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Fruit Fly Pest Control

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Fruit Fly Pest Control

While the fall and winter can be very beautiful in Ontario, there are all manner of pests that come with the changing seasons. Most of us associate fruit flies with the summer months, but fruit flies are actually common year round, including the cold months. It’s best to stay aware and prepared all year for eventual fruit fly contamination and infestation.

Fruit flies reproduce on the produce that you bring into your home, and they are good at finding their way in. Adult flies grow off of fruits and veggies, especially produce that is outside the refrigerator. You will typically notice fruit flies around the sink, hovering over dirty dishes or around compost. In the warmer months you will see fruit flies hovering around fruit bowls. If you bring fruits, veggies, or vegetation into your homes, you will unwittingly attract or bring in fruit flies.

Dealing With Fruit Flies

Thankfully, fruit flies don’t cause any damage or destruction to your home. Fruit flies are gross and unwanted, and they can contaminate produce, but they’re typically not much of a danger. Regardless, fruit flies can be a menace and can make kitchen areas feel filthy and disturbed. Depending on the area, fruit flies can be a stressor during particular months and are an undesirable pest.

Fruit flies will enter, breed, and hatch within your home against your knowledge, and typically you won’t notice them until they’re grown and flitting around your fruits and vegetables. It’s a good idea to examine your produce before you leave the store, especially if you’ve been shopping in open markets during the summer and fall. Avoid bringing damaged or aged produce into your home if you’re worried about fruit flies.

There is still a chance that fruit flies will enter your home even if you’re diligent. Washing your fruits and veggies, especially those left on the counter, is a good way to rid yourself of fruit flies. Fully seal your pantry goods and fit your lid on your trash receptacle. One common method to rid yourself of fruit flies is to put apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a small container and leave it near the affected areas. Fruit flies will typically go for the sweet smelling vinegar and then die in the soap bubbles.

Professional Fruit Fly Extermination

While there are many traditional home remedies for fruit flies, sometimes you cannot deal with an infestation alone. You need professional help to conquer pest infestations, and that’s where your friends at Hama Pest Control come in. Our knowledgeable pest control technicians can handle your infestation and help you implement preventative measures.

With years of experience serving the Greater Toronto Area, you will see why Hama Pest Control is Ontario’s preferred extermination company. Our methods and technologies are ecologically friendly and pet safe, and as local Ontarians ourselves we truly care about your home and property. If you’re facing an unsightly infestation, call us today for our discreet and affordable services.

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The flies were so bad in my house. Hama Pest Control made it a thing of the past. I can’t believe they work so fast!

— Francesca R.

I had a bad case of fruit flies in my kitchen that wouldn’t go away, and Hama Pest Control came right away. They were so quick and easy to deal with.

— Allan S.

I was perplexed with the fruit flies and just couldn’t take it anymore. Hama Pest Control made it painless and easy.

— Carla G.

I had a serious invasion of fruit flies in my home, but Hama Pest Control was able to get rid of them with ease. They were very thorough and they got rid of them in no time at all.

— Mason T.

My home was full of fruit flies, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Hama Pest Control was able to get rid of them for good, and I was very happy with the results.

— Natalie P.

The flies were in every corner of my home. I was going crazy. I called Hama Pest Control and they were able to come over right away and rid my home of them. I’m so happy I hired their services.

— Shannon R.

The fruit flies were making my life a living hell. Hama Pest Control was able to get rid of all of them. I can’t believe how quickly they accomplished the task.

— Doris M.

I had a fruit flies invade my kitchen and no idea how to get rid of it. I called Hama Pest Control and they were able to remove it from my home and rid it from my life for good.

— Joe J.

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