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Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitos are troublesome pests known for their obnoxious bites and the spreading of disease. They are truly one of the most annoying insects in Ontario, and are a frustrating menace the world over, especially during warm seasons. Mosquitoes cover many different species, and can absolutely ruin blissful outdoor evenings.

Adult mosquitoes can be surprisingly large. The insects typically have long legs, a singular set of wings and a proboscis (which they use to bite and drain blood). It is actually the females that attack and draw blood from mammals, as the males have a short lifespan and are typically smaller. Mosquitoes like to come out in the evening, typically around twilight, and are infamous for ruining picnics, barbecues, and nights by the fire. Similar to other insects they find their victims through body temperature and odor, as well as carbon dioxide emission. Mosquitoes enjoy shade, and can die in prolonged heat and light.

Dealing With Mosquitoes

The most frustrating aspect of mosquitoes are their troublesome bites. Mosquito bites are itchy, and they cause a variety of reactions in different people including skin irritation and swelling. The welts and spots caused by their bites are made worse by itching and scratching, and since they feast on blood, mosquitoes can carry all sorts of dangerous diseases. They’re both a health risk and a bother.

It’s easy to identify mosquitoes because of their buzzing sound and their appearance. Most of us know what a mosquito looks like and how to identify them, and the common picnicker will utilize everything from sprays to candles to swatters to remove them from a gathered area. While mosquitoes are obnoxious, they don’t typically target humans first. Mosquitoes go after other mammals, including horses and cattles. They can sometimes feed on plant sugars and flowers. Mosquitoes are also often the prey of other animals.

Mosquitoes, thankfully, exist during specific times of the year. Since it is only the females that bite, this occurs during their egg-laying periods, which last a few months each year. Mosquitoes require both food and water, and will lay their eggs near water sources, typically by standing water outside like puddles, lakes, and baths.

Professional Mosquito Extermination

Mosquitoes can be quite the problem in the Greater Toronto Area, especially during the summer months when people are trying to enjoy outside activities. If your picnic, barbecue, or fireside chat is routinely interrupted by a mosquito menace, your friends at Hama Pest Control can give you the professional help you need.

With years of experience serving the people of Ontario, Hama Pest Control has dealt with every kind of pest. Using our ecologically friendly and pet safe services, our technicians are well versed in pest control and extermination. Our technologies, methods, and services are discreet and of the utmost quality, and you will see why we are the preferred pest control service in the GTA. Give us a call today and let us give you the help you need!

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Mosquito Pest Control Service Reviews

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I had a mosquito problem in my shed. Hama Pest Control was very helpful with getting rid of them.

— Mary M.

My mosquitos were so bad, I thought I would have to move! When I called Hama Pest Control, they solved my problem quickly. Now I have no ants at all.

—Dale M.

My mosquito problem was growing out of control, and I couldn’t get rid of them. Hama Pest Control removed them quickly. I’m so glad to have them gone.

— Shirley L.

These mosquitos were driving me crazy! Hama Pest Control came out and removed them quickly. I’m so glad to have them gone.

— Susan W.

Hama Pest Control has the best mosquito extermination service in Hamilton. They are very thorough, and they don’t leave until everything is under control.

— Donna H.

I don’t know what I would have done without Hama Pest Control. They were able to get rid of my mosquitos in a couple of days. I was very impressed with their speed and their prices.

— Sonny M.

I had a terrible mosquito problem. Hama Pest Control did a great job at getting rid of them. They were very thorough and I would recommend them for anyone.

— Ronald G.

Hama Pest Control has the best mosquito extermination service in the GTA. They were able to rid my home of mosquitos and they even let me know how to prevent them from coming back.

— Danielle L.

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