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Moth Pest Control

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Moth Pest Control

There are several invasive moth and caterpillar species in Canada, and thousands more moth species that all vary in size and appearance. Moths belong to the same genus family as butterflies, and typically stay close to their food sources. While moths typically feed on sweet sugary substances such as nectar or sap, their young can be destructive, feeding on stored foodstuffs and household goods.

While the gestation time for larvae is different for every species of moth, diet and environment can also affect the growth and transformation of adults. This typically occurs within a month or two, and moths seek out safe places to lay their eggs in the meantime. Moths will typically seek shelter by flying indoors, seeking out places with open food. Moths may be carried indoors via infested fabrics and plants.

Dealing With Moths

There are a few key elements to preventing moth infestation, and the most important one is to keep your food items sealed, especially your pantry items. If you spill food, make sure you clean it up immediately as messes in the kitchen, pantry, and other food storage spaces can attract all sorts of vermin. If you believe you are facing an infestation, it’s a good idea to incorporate steam cleaning or dry cleaning into your habits. At night, turn off your exterior lighting unless it is necessary. Since moths actively seek a way in, reducing the chance of them noticing your home is key to preventing infestation.

Moth outbreaks happen in cycles, the infestations occurring once every decade and lasting a few years. Moth outbreaks in Ontario are based on weather conditions, and typically are affected by viral outbreaks throughout the population. The last outbreaker in Ontario began sometime in 2019, and there have been record breaking years since then.

Professional Moth Removal

Controlling moth infestation can be a challenge to handle alone. When facing a moth infestation, especially if the moths have laid lots of active young, it’s important to seek out professional help. Contact the experts at Hama Pest Control, and see why our technicians are preferred throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

With years of active experience, our knowledgeable and trained technicians use targeted methods for removal and extermination. Using ecologically friendly and pet safe technologies, it’s easy to see why we are the preferred pest control company of Ontario. Our services are affordable, discreet, and thorough, and as proud Ontarians ourselves we love to help make our area safe and beautiful. Give us a call today!

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I had some very stubborn moths in my house. Hama Pest Control removed them all, gave me some great tips on how to prevent the moths from coming back, and they even made sure that my house was all clean afterwards. I am very pleased with the work that they did.

— Jasmine J

I was having issues with moth at my store. Hama Pest Control got rid of the moths and stopped them from coming back!

— John L.

Hama Pest Control removed some very nasty moths from my home. They were so fast and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

— Sue W.

I had a really bad problem with moths in my home. Hama Pest Control removed all of them and they have never been back!

— Tiffany D.

Moths were absolutely destroying my family’s clothing and furniture. Hama Pest Control gave me a great deal, and got rid of them in no time at all. I love their company, and recommend them to everyone.

— Daniel U.

I had a serious moth problem. It was not pleasant at all. The technicians from Hama Pest Control came to my home and got rid of them right away, and they even explained to me why they were there in the first place. I will be using their services from now on.

— Lori N.

The moths were absolutely everywhere and I was sick and tired of it. Hama Pest Control came to my rescue and took care of them right away.

— Hilda C.

The moths were eating my clothes, and I had no idea how to get rid of them. Hama Pest Control was able to help me with this problem, and now I have a solution to the problem. They have a great reputation, and their customers love them.

— Jasmine S.

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