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Mice Pest Control

Mice can be pesky vermin, infesting your home before you realize it’s happening. These tiny rodents like small spaces, and can easily wriggle through holes, gaps, and other tight squeezes within your house. Some mice can move through spaces that are smaller than the width of a coin, and once they’re in they start feeding, breeding, and defecating. Mice infestations can be enormously frustrating to deal with, and you don’t have to deal with them alone.

It’s important to keep any mice-infested home clean, targeting any problem areas and fixing any holes or spaces where mice can get in. Mice are scavengers, and when they are looking for food and water it’s important that you rodent-proof your home. Keep your trash secure, keep your home tidy, put food away, and eliminate any hiding spaces.

Dealing With Mice

Typically, people try to deal with mice infestations themselves, utilizing bait, traps, and other methods. There are a few DIY solutions that homeowners can use to try and conquer the mice problem, but it’s very difficult to handle and eliminate an entire mice infestation alone. Mice often give birth five or more times a year, and a single litter of mice can have up to ten babies. Rodent problems get out of control very quickly, and require advanced and knowledgeable techniques. Handling any mice infestation means prevention, to keep your home clean, safe, and rodent free for the foreseeable future.

Like any rodent, mice can carry disease. Scientific research in Canada has found that certain poisons and baits used on mice can have a risk on public health, and when trying to deal with a mice infestation yourself things can become overwhelming and expensive.

Mice Infestation Control

The best way to permanently remove mice from your property is by calling a professional exterminator. Trained technicians know how to properly lay traps for optimal results, and the pros at Hama Pest Control are quick, friendly, and discreet. Our expert technicians have seen all sorts of mice infestations throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and we know how frustrating it can be to try and deal with rodents yourself.

With fifteen years of experience, our trained technicians come equipped with the knowledge you need to rid your home of infestation. Hama Pest Control technicians can advise you on preventative measures, and our control and extermination procedures are always ethical, ecologically safe, and pet friendly. As local Ontarians, we care about what happens here, and we care about your home. We believe in swift, tactful removal of all pests and rodents, and we are experts at clearing mice from homes. Give us a call today at Hama Pest Control to see our renowned service firsthand.

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Mouse Extermination Service Reviews

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I had a bad case of mice in my kitchen, and Hama Pest Control came right away. They were so quick and easy to deal with.

‚ Allan S.

I’m not about to call anyone else for a mice infestation. Hama Pest Control is the best pest control in the GTA, hands down.

— Brett H.

I recently moved and did not expect to see any critters in my new home, but lo and behold, I had mice. Hama Pest Control did a great job!

— Tiffany H.

I was so surprised at how quickly Hama was able to get to my home to deal with the mice. They were fast, effective, and kind.

— Shawn T.

We had a problem with mice, and Hama Pest Control knew just how to take care of the problem. We never saw mice in our office again. They’re fantastic!

— Patrice M.

We had a mouse infestation, and Hama Pest Control was the only company that we could trust to remove them. So we called them and they came to help us. They were so professional and got the job done quickly, and for a reasonable price.

— Tabatha W.

I had a problem with mice and I did not know what to do. Hama Pest Control was able to take care of the problem and I could not be happier.

— Thomas M.

I had a mice infestation and called Hama Pest Control. They were fantastic. I couldn’t believe their great service. I would recommend them to anyone.

— Keith S.

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