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Rat Pest Control

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Rat Pest Control

Rats can be a frustrating, infuriating pest. They make a lot of noise, leave behind messes, and are quite unsanitary. Even if you can’t see the rats infesting your home, you’ll know they’re there by their smell and their droppings. They can burrow into tight spaces, ruin electrical wiring, and cause a whole host of problems for any homeowner.

Rats are chewers, and they go after your home insulation, electrical wires, wood, and furniture. Rodents can damage your home’s interior and exterior as they chew their way around, damaging parts of your home. They like attics, storage spaces, and unused rooms. They make obnoxious scratching sounds and thumps, and they often bring friends into their newly discovered space.

The Trouble With Rats

Rats are considered dangerous because of their uncleanliness and the damage they can do to your home. These rodents can create a host of problems, and any rat infestation should be handled as quickly as possible. They can carry and harbour diseases, transmitted through their urine and fecal matter which they leave throughout the home. Their droppings can cause allergic reactions and can destabilize the health of everyone who lives there. Rodents can cause major structural damage, leaving holes in walls, cupboards, and floorboards. When they chew through wires they can short electricity and even start fires.

Rats look for shelter, food, and water, and are typically trying to find a place to build nests. It’s easy for them to get inside any home, as they can squeeze themselves through small holes or even chew their way in. Rats like to enter homes through attics, crawl spaces, door gaps, lawns, and bushes. They can push their way through screens and sidings, and are excellent climbers. They are nocturnal, so even though you may hear them there’s a good chance you will never see one, even if you are facing infestation.

Rat Infestation Control

If you see any signs of rodent infestation, call your friends at Hama Pest Control. We have years of experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area and are proficient at handling rat control and extermination. If you notice rat droppings, odor, dirty surfaces, scratching sounds, nests, rat footprints, tampered food or food packaging, or gnaw marks, give us a call.

Our experienced rat control technicians have seen it all in Ontario, and we handle all infestations with precision, quality, and tact. We use ecologically-friendly technology and methods, we are pet safe, and our team is composed of local Ontarians. Rats can be a serious issue for any homeowner in the area, and if you suspect infestation, don’t wait. Give Hama Pest Control a call today!

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Rat Pest Control Service Reviews

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I had a rat problem, but after Hama Pest Control took care of it, I haven’t seen one in over a year. They’re the best pest control service in Brampton!

— Georgina P.

I was moving into a new home and the previous tenants had left a rat problem. Hama got rid of them for me!

— Alex M.

Hama Pest Control is a lifesaver. The rats in my attic were driving me nuts, and they were here in a flash and took care of the problem.

— Julie T.

Hama Pest Control is the best service I’ve ever called. They were fast, efficient, and the rats have never returned!

— James A.

We needed rat control in our warehouse quickly, and Hama was there within an hour. They’re the best pest control service in Brampton!

— Lisa B.

We had a problem with rats, and Hama Pest Control knew just how to take care of the problem. We’ve never seen mice in our office again.

— Patrice M.

Our house was constantly invaded by rats, but Hama Pest Control got rid of them. They’re the best pest control service in the GTA

— Julianna P.

I’d tried many other pest control companies, but none of them worked for me. Hama Pest Control took care of my rat problem and they’ve never been back

— Peter L.

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