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Tick Pest Control

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Tick Pest Control

Similar to spiders and scorpions, ticks are a species of arthropods. There are nearly a thousand different known species of ticks across the globe, categorized as hard or soft ticks. Canada is home to hard ticks, such as the deer tick or brown dog tick. Ticks are parasites that require a host to live, and largely go after mammals. They feed on blood throughout their lives, and common tick hosts are cattle, dogs, and humans.

Ticks live in high foliage areas, where they climb atop vegetation and wait for passing hosts. They grab onto their new host by using a strong pair of legs, and find their way indoors via pets and clothing. While typically small, ticks can be large enough to see with the naked eye. They are sepia coloured, though they can vary in both size and colour. Deer ticks for example are brown, and fairly tiny.

Dealing With Ticks

]Ticks are a concern to people throughout the GTA because they carry diseases and can transmit them from pets to livestock to humans. Ticks carry Lyme disease, especially deer ticks. Lyme disease is spread when a deer tick bites a person, infecting their host. Since ticks are filthy creatures that pass between different types of animals, it’s easy for them to spread and transmit these diseases.

While the initial tick bite isn’t painful, ticks can feed and become engorged, where it attempts to fall from its host and find another. If a tick bites you, you will typically notice depending on where it is on your body. It can be dangerous to remove a tick while it is feeding, as a crushed tick can release contaminated fluid. Ticks remain a serious health risk, and if you were bitten or believe you have been bitten, seek immediate medical attention.

Professional Tick Extermination

Ticks are unsanitary and unwanted. If you suspect that your pets, livestock, or family are infected with ticks, call for professional help. Your friends at Hama Pest Control have experience dealing with ticks and other pests throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and our experienced technicians provide knowledgeable and targeted services.

With years of experience in Ontario, Hama Pest Control is the preferred tick extermination service for the entire GTA. We employ Ontarian locals that care about you, your home, and your business, and you shouldn’t have to deal with unsightly and obnoxious ticks. If you are afraid that you might have a tick infestation, give us a call. Our technologies and methods are always up-to-date, ecologically friendly, and pet safe.

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I had a terrible tick problem . Hama Pest Control was able to come in and get rid of the ticks without any problems at all

— Mark M.

When I had a tick infestation in my backyard, I was worried about getting bitten. Hama exterminated them and I haven’t seen any ticks since!

— Joey Z.

When I bought our cottage, I was worried about ticks. Hama Pest Control exterminated them and I haven’t seen any since!

— Tina B.

When I found ticks in my shed, I knew I had to call the best pest control in the area. Hama Pest Control arrived quickly and handled the ticks professionally.

— Orson R.

When I called Hama Pest Control, I was worried about the ticks on my property. They were here in under 30 minutes and got rid of the ticks very quickly.

— Arnold C.

I called Hama Pest Control when I saw ticks in my garage, and they were here in a flash. They’re the best pest control in all of Ontario.

— Derek N.

I found a tick on my daughter when she was playing in the backyard, I knew I had to call in Hama Pest Control right away. They were here in a flash and handled it quickly.

— Deborah J.

I was having an awful tick problem in my home, but Hama Pest Control was able to come in and get rid of them. I’m so happy with their service.

— Mike S.

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