How To Control a Rat Infestation in 9 Steps

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Whenever a rat infestation occurs, a few questions typically cross the mind… How do you get rid of unwanted rats? How long does it take to control a rat infestation? Will I need to call rat pest control, or can I take care of this myself?

There are numerous steps you can take when learning how to keep rats away. Remember to practice safety, be aware, and wash your hand regularly.

How to Control Rat Infestation in 9 Steps

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Remove Current Rodent Occupants
  3. Seal Up Holes Inside and Outside the Home
  4. Clean Up Rodent Food Sources and Nesting Sites
  5. Set Traps
  6. Remove Outdoor Food Sources
  7. Build a Wall
  8. Pick Up a New Friend From Your Local Shelter
  9. Contact Hama Pest Control

1. Be Proactive

Be aware of the rat prevention methods that currently exist so that when a rat infestation does occur, you’re prepared. Just by researching rat infestation prevention methods as you are now, you are being proactive. 

Actively consider the proceeding steps and precautions, even when there aren’t rats present. If your home or property has a history of rats, make sure you always have the necessary tools on hand.

2. Remove Current Occupants

Before you can block anything off, you need to get any rats currently inside out. There are two standard tools for this: bait stations and snap traps. 

When placing the baits and traps, look for any current paths rats seem to use. Look for tooth marks and droppings. If you have pets or children, make sure the traps or baits you choose are safe and out-of-reach.

3. Seal Up Holes Inside and Outside the Home

First, you should target any holes inside and outside your house that you know rats are using. Steel wool, lath screen, and rodent block are all efficient materials to seal these holes.

After the obvious holes are sealed, examine every other opening across the interior and exterior of your home. Consider decks, doors, vents, fireplaces, cabinets, pipes, crawl spaces, and everything else a rat may utilize. Once they’ve been inside once, they’ll want inside again.

4. Clean Up Rodent Food Sources and Nesting Sites

Examine the exterior of your property to make sure you have nothing that’s encouraging a rat infestation. First, examine any immediate food sources, such as trash, a garden, or fallen fruit. 

Study your property for any place that may serve as a home to rodents, such as piles of wood, debris, and bushes. Trim bushes and plants if necessary and remove any debris that you can.

5. Set Traps

Reviewing Step 2, if necessary, place more traps and bait stations inside and outside your home. Place these near spots rats have come through before.

6. Remove Outdoor Food Sources

Bird feeders, fruit trees, and gardens are very good at luring unwanted pests. While most bird feeders are easy to put away, trees and gardens are much more difficult to part with.

Pick up any fruits that fall from your trees as soon as you see them. For gardens, immediately remove all fresh and rotting vegetables. Consider planting mint, which emits a scent that keeps away rats and mice. Consider using a “predator urine” spray on your garden if the rat infestation persists.

7. Build a Wall

Build a barrier around your home or whatever spot the rats are infesting your building. Using cement, crushed rock, or another material that would be too heavy for rodents, build a barricade not larger than a foot or two.

8. Pick Up a New Friend From Your Local Shelter

Pets, particularly cats, are a great way to keep rats and mice away. Even if your cat isn’t the most skilled hunter, many rodents will recognize them as predators anyway and decide to infest the next house instead. Dogs are also efficient at scaring pests, though whether or not a rat perceives your dog as a threat is up to the rat.

9. Contact Hama Pest Control

Rat infestations can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, any infestation can be taken care of by Hama Pest Control, the chief expert on pest control services and rat poison in Canada. 

With free estimates and a higher customer rating than any other pest control services in Ontario, no rats stand a chance against our skilled and licensed team.

What Are the Warning Signs of a Rat Infestation?

The clearest warning sign of a rat infestation is personally seeing or hearing a rat. Seeing just one rat could mean there are more rats you don’t see, even if you only ever see the one. 

Look for any food scattered across your property. Rats particularly like citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, on which they leave very distinguishable bite marks. They may also leave bite marks in any food items in or around your trash.

Finally, if you have pets, your furry friends may be more aware of the rat infestation than you are. Look for any indications of your cat or dog being on alert. If they’re sniffing or guarding one specific area, it may indicate rats have been there. 

Call Ontario’s Best Choice for Help With a Rat Infestation

If your home or property is facing a rat infestation in the Ontario metropolitan area, reach out to Hama Pest Control today! Our skilled exterminators are certified, licensed, and guaranteed to remove the rats that have been pestering you. 

Estimates are free and available 24/7. Don’t hesitate a moment more to call Hama Pest Control, Ontario’s top-rated rodent control service.


With annoyances and health hazards we needn’t even go into, rats are a pest you don’t want playing around in your home. If you find any warning signs of rats, from bite marks to strange noises, take action immediately.

To remove all current rats from your home, seal up all internal and external holes, dispose of any food sources, eliminate potential shelters, set traps or bait stations, and call rodent control if all else fails. Rat infestations are undesirable, but you have options.

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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