How to Get Rid of Rats Under a Deck Effectively

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There are a number of ways to get rid of rats from under your deck, some of them proactive and some of them preventative. You can add chicken wire around the bottom of your deck, build a nice wooden trellis, clean any food or plants out from under your deck, remove pet dishes, and set down traps. Use natural deterrents, create barriers, and use rat poisons to keep them from coming back.

How to Get Rid of Rats Under a Deck

The best way to rid yourself of rats is to use baits that have been treated with rodenticide. Many stores carry different kinds of effective rodenticide baits, though only the professional have access to the best ones. It’s smart to contact your trusted local professional pest control company and have them properly examine your property, place effective bait stations, and get rid of the rats completely.

Detect Signs of Rats Under Your Deck

There are a number of obvious signs that you’re facing a rat infestation under your deck. The most common sign is rat droppings, which will be scattered on and around your deck. You also might notice rat urine or urine stains. Gnaw marks and damage to wood and furnishings is also a common sign, as rats are constantly looking for ways to wear down their ever-growing teeth. You may hear sounds of rats or see them scurrying through the brush at night, and any strange sounds are a good tell that you have rats under your deck. Even if you see one lone rat, that’s a sign of a problem.

Uses Traps and Poison

Traps and poison are an effective, tried and true method of getting rid of your rat problem with finality. To catch a rat, set up traps around and beneath your deck, and use baits that are soaked in rodenticides to kill them dead. You can use snap traps, glue traps, live-animal traps, electronic traps, and specialized outdoor multi-rat traps for rat families. If you have children, make sure the traps you’re setting are out of the way and won’t hurt anyone. Dealing with a living rat that you caught can be troublesome, and sometimes you need to just call professional exterminators.

Place Rat Barriers

Placing wire mesh or building miniature fences around your deck is a great way to keep mice at bay. Put barriers at the entrance of your deck and around any windows or doors. If your deck has a big open space underneath it, clear out any foliage and place barriers that will bar the rats from getting near your house.

What Are the Risks of Having Rats in Your House?

Rats are infamously dangerous pests, and can carry a whole host of bacteria, illnesses, and disease. They can spread many common and uncommon diseases, such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, and the plague. They can spread diseases to your family and your pets, as well as damage your property. Since rats’ teeth never stop growing, they are constantly gnawing on things, including wood and furniture. Plus they are terribly unsightly and violent, and can bite your children and your pets.

How to Avoid Getting Rats Living Under Your Deck

First, figure out how rats are getting under your deck and what’s attracting them. Stop their entrances by taking preventative measures such as filling in any holes or cracks, putting up a fence or wire mesh, and setting traps. If you have a party, event, or barbeque, clean up afterwards and don’t leave food particles strewn about. Regularly mow your lawn and clean out any overgrown foliage that might be beneath your deck. 

In Conclusion, Call The Professionals

Hama Pest Controls has decades of local rat control experience, and they are the number one choice for rat removal and preventative pest control. If you have rats on your property, give the folks at Hama a call and have them expertly deal with your infestation situation. They employ the most effective and humane measures, and work with you to keep rats from returning.

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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