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Rat pest control methods are necessary to keep a home, workplace, or other building safe and secure. By understanding the most effective and affordable ways to get vermin out of interior spaces, owners can avoid unhygienic areas. Luckily for homeowners or business owners, there are several options to consider for controlling rats and mice. 

Rat Pest Control Options

You may be wondering how to get rid of rats. Homeowners should look at the most common methods for how to catch a rat to see what is the best choice for their specific space. The following are some of the best ways to catch a rat:

  • Traps
  • Rodenticides
  • Ultrasonic repellers
  • Natural repellers
  • Predators
  • Hire a pest control expert

Prevention is the best way to control rats and mice – homeowners can get ahead of the game by keeping rodents from getting into buildings, removing food and water sources, hiding places where the vermin can hide, and cleaning up areas where rodents have previously been.  


People often wonder how to catch a rat. One of the most used rat pest control methods to help control rats is to use snap traps, electronic traps, live traps, and glue traps. Below is an explanation of each and tips for catching rats.

  • Snap traps – Snap traps are an old-school method of catching mice and rats by enclosing the creature in a spring-loaded mechanism.
  • Electronic traps – A more modern way to control rats is to use an electronic rat trap that delivers shocks to the vermin within the chamber.
  • Live traps – The third option for rat pest control is a live animal humane trap catch that captures the vermin but does not kill it. Disposal of live rats afterward is not difficult.
  • Glue traps – A glue trap is a disposable and easy-to-use trap that uses sticky material to capture small vermin inside of the home. 


There are two types of rodenticides building owners can use to effectively capture and kill rats:

  • Domestic rodenticides — This type of rodenticide is for personal use around the home.
  • Commercial rodenticides — This class of rodenticides is best for professional pest control operators who need to get rid of large-scale infestations. 

Ultrasonic Repellers

The third method of getting rid of rats within the home is to use ultrasonic repellers. This electronic device uses high-frequency sounds to injure, stun, or kill pests and vermin within the home. Ultrasonic sound waves above 20 kH can lead to stress within the rats’ ears, causing them to stay away from the origin of the sound. 

Any homeowner can easily use an ultrasonic repeller by simply plugging it into an electrical outlet near where the rat infestation is occurring. The sound will cause an audiogenic seizure in the rats, leading to disorientation, convulsions, or potential death from a brain bleed. 

Natural Repellers

Another popular method to help get rid of rats is natural repellers. Natural repellents use all-natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals that can still effectively trap, harm, or kill unwanted rodents. 

Some of the best natural rat repellents include the following:

  • Essential oils — The scent of essential oils is very strong to rats, who have a keen sense of smell. The strong odor of pine, cinnamon, or peppermint can be used to keep rats away from certain spaces. 
  • Plants — Plants are a natural rat repellent that can emit strong odors that rats don’t like, such as lavender, daffodils, or peppermint. 
  • Steel wool — The best way to keep rats and vermin out of your home is to focus on prevention. Steel wool is a natural repellent that plugs small gaps or holes where the rats can intrude. 


Predators are an easy and fast way to hunt and get rid of rats. The most common predators of rats include hawks, raptors, falcons, eagles, and owls. You don’t have to get one of these outdoor-based predators for your home to prevent rats from getting inside, but there are a few which are commonly found in pet shops today. 

Some of the most widely-used predators for rats you can keep inside of the home are cats, snakes, dogs, or weasels. This predator can either be your current pet, or you can buy a pet to use as an outdoor animal (like an outdoor cat or dog). Predators can be great methods of controlling rat infestations.

Hire a Pest Control Expert

The last method individuals can use to get rid of rats in their home — or prevent them in the first place — is to hire a pest control expert who has knowledge about rat infestations. It could be dangerous if you disrupt a rat’s nest. There are a few key benefits of hiring an expert versus doing the fixes by yourself:

  • Accurate identification — The first step of hiring an expert is that they will identify the cause of the infestation. Is the infestation caused by stray mice, rats, or other vermin in your home? Experts will have the knowledge to identify signs of a rat infestation vs. other potential causes.
  • Identifying the source — The second benefit of hiring an expert is that they can identify the source of the “break-in.” By seeing the trail of the rats, the holes and gaps in the walls, or cracks in the ceiling, experts can see where the rats are getting into the building.
  • Less damage to the building — Another benefit of hiring an expert is that there will be less overall damage to the building. If you try to fix it yourself, it can lead to unnecessary structural damage. If a pest control expert is in charge of the ways to catch the rats, they will minimize the damage and extent of work on the structure. 
  • Pest management — The last perk of using an expert is that they can use methods of controlling rat infestation by setting up management protocols, such as safeguarding the home, plugging holes, and eliminating the current infestation. 

What Is The Best Pest Control Method For Rats?

As you can see, using a professional is the best way to control a vermin infestation. Not only can you rest assured that they know what they are talking about, but you can save money — and time — in the future by avoiding future infestations. Although there are various rat pest control methods, using a professional is the safest option. 


Control of a rat infestation is very important. Homeowners and building owners who notice an investigation on their premises need to hire a pest control expert right away to control the infestation.

By getting rid of the current vermin and using pest control methods for rats, along with figuring out the best way to prevent any future issues, a pest control expert can help keep a space hygienic and clean.

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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