Signs Of Rats In Your House: Rat Infestations Signs

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Indicators such as scratch marks on walls and unpleasant odors can be used to establish whether rats are present in your residences. The following are some things to watch out for:

  • Rub marks on walls and doors
  • Scratching noises
  • Bite marks
  • Rat holes
  • Rat nests
  • Bad smells
  • Unusual behavior of your pets

It’s not always easy to spot signs of rats in your house if you don’t know what to look for. These sneaky rodents are masters of hiding and can quickly go unnoticed until it’s too late. As such, catching them before they have a chance to spread diseases or breed is essential for keeping your home safe from vermin. 

Unfortunately, before you know it, rats will set up shop in your home if you don’t take preventive measures early on. 

To help you identify rats in your home and take the necessary steps to get rid of them as soon as possible, we’ll be discussing several telltale signs of rats in your house, their habits, and the best methods for eradicating them once and for all.

7 Signs That Rats Are Living in Your Home

Rats tend to make themselves at home in dark, secluded areas, so it can be challenging to identify the signs of rats in your garden or house. So, how do I know if I have a problem with rats?

Fortunately, there are several clues that you can look out for to help you determine whether or not rats are living in your homes, like rub marks on walls and bad smells. Here are seven signs that you’re facing a rat infestation:

1. Rub Marks on Walls and Doors

The first telltale sign that you have rats in your house is the presence of rub marks on walls and doors. Rats will often rub their bodies against structures to mark their territory and leave their scent behind. As such, you can identify the signs that you have rats in your house by looking for these telltale markings on every wall of your home and on your doors.

2. Bite Marks

Rats tend to bite humans to defend themselves, so finding bite marks on yourself after coming into contact with rats is a solid sign that you have these pesky rodents living in your home. 

While these bites aren’t typically dangerous, they can still cause significant pain and discomfort. Additionally, rats can carry diseases like the plague, which you can contract through the bite of an infected rat. 

So if you find bite marks on your body, you should check with a doctor to rule out any serious illnesses. While you can’t cure the plague, you can take steps to prevent contracting it in the first place by getting rid of the rats in your house.

3. Scratching Noises

Rats are nocturnal creatures that will primarily be active during the night. During the day, however, they will occasionally emerge to search for food, water, and shelter. 

The presence of rats in your home can be identified by the scratching noises they make as they scurry about, as well as their droppings, which you can find in almost every part of your property. 

Generally, rats try to avoid contact with humans, but they may become bolder if their populations grow too large.

4. Rat Holes

Rat holes are a common sign of rats in your garden or house that you can identify by their small openings, as well as the presence of mounds of dirt surrounding the opening. 

It’s important to note that rats are expert diggers and can create perfectly hidden entrances for their nests, so it’s essential to pay attention to any signs of dirt where there shouldn’t be any. 

You can also check your yard for these entrances to better understand the size of the infestation. Rats typically build nests with multiple entries, so if you find more than one hole in your yard, you will most likely have an infestation on your hands.

5. Rat Nests

Rat nests are another common sign of rats in your house, as rats will build their nests in hidden areas to avoid predators and humans. While nests can take on many shapes and sizes, they are typically made from crumpled paper, cloth, or leaves. 

In addition, rats will sometimes build their nests inside secluded places, like inside walls or under the floorboards of your home. While it can be challenging to spot a rat nest from the outside, some tricks can help you identify the signs that you have rats in your house. 

For example, if you notice an unusual amount of crumpled paper or cloth in a particular area of your home, it may be the remnants of a nest. You can also look for dark, greasy smudges on the walls, which can be a byproduct of a nest building.

6. Bad Smells

Rats are notorious for spreading disease, and one of the ways they do this is by leaving their waste wherever they go. So if you notice an unusual amount of droppings in places where they shouldn’t be, it can signify an infestation. 

While the smell of rat droppings can be pretty repulsive, it can also help you identify the signs that you have rats in your house.

7. Unusual Behavior of Your Pets

If you have pets, such as cats or dogs, they may be able to help you identify the signs that you have rats in your house. While it’s important to note that pets may react to the presence of rats differently, it can also be helpful to look for signs of unusual behavior. 

For example, if your pets suddenly seem more anxious or skittish, it may be due to the presence of rats in your home. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your pet’s surroundings and check their bedding for signs of rat droppings.

 If your pets suddenly start losing hair or scratching themselves, you may want to take them to the vet to rule out rat infestation as the cause.

Rat Control Experts

Finally, while the signs listed above can help you identify the presence of rats in your house, it can be tricky to gauge the scale of the infestation. If you’re unsure how many rats you’re dealing with, you may want to contact a professional for help. 

A pest control expert can gauge the size of your rat infestation and help you take the necessary steps to eliminate them. If you suspect a rat infestation, it’s best to call a pest control company immediately. The longer you wait, the more rats you’ll have to deal with. 

Since rats can breed quickly, you’ll want to start getting rid of them immediately. At Hama pest control, we know how to control a rat infestation. Contact today for a free inspection, learn more about our rat pest control services and let us help you get rid of these pests for good.

Jake Garza
Jake Garza
Jake is the founder of Hama Pest Control, the preferred choice for pest removal and extermination in the Greater Toronto Area. With over thirty years of experience, Jake prides himself in bringing quality, knowledge, and care to Hama Pest Control's customers.
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